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Bauscher Germany

Legendary Brand

specialist | innovative | loyal

BAUSCHER has been manufacturing professional porcelain since 1881. Nothing else. This long experience gives you the certainty of perfect professional porcelain. Function, quality and service were enhanced again and again over the years to their current high standard. After all, it is BAUSCHER's ambition to remain the best.


Iconic Brand

expert | stylish hospitality | timeless

As the inventor of professional cutlery, HEPP ranks among the most important suppliers in the field of tableware and is the market leader with regard to its wide range of products. Since 1863, HEPP has made their name in the upmarket catering and hotel business. HEPP’s success, then as now, is founded on traditional values such as reliability and quality, as well as innovative drive and flexibility.


Boutique Brand

modular | eye-catching | entertaining

As a brand for sophisticated table culture, TAFELSTERN's strengths lie in its constant endeavor to create products of perfect shape and decoration. The modularity of this porcelain range opens up new, unimagined opportunities for gastronomers to try new ideas and experiments.


The Brand of Distinction

accomplished | sense of style | creative

WMF invests in ideas. An innovation is the realization of a good idea. In the interest of their customers, WMF provides the resources in research, development, design and the management that it takes to turn ideas into designs and designs into new products. Stylish, modern, young, or down-to-earth…. In WMF you will find just the right products to suit your individual equipment style.

Luigi Bormioli

The Brand of Elegant Technology

design | originality | passion

Art and science, fashion and design: Italian Style. LUIGI BORMIOLI’s stemware and tumblers are made of blown crystal glass. These products are characterized by a high standard of quality achieved through advanced technology; the result: a highly transparent and resistant glass with smooth, thin edges. Offering a broad assortment of classic and contemporary stemware, drinkware, and accessories designed to cater to every need ranging from modern to formal table settings.